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Community Outreach

Miracle Mile Medical Center offers a variety of educational programs and presentations to the community. Through these programs we hope that the residents in our community will be encouraged to lead healthy, active lifestyles. A healthy community involves more than just access to medical resources, Miracle Mile contributes to vital services that promote social health as well.


Los Angeles Free Spine Care

We are committed to supporting the health and well-being of our community neighbors. The Los Angeles Free Spine Care (LAFS) program at Miracle Mile Medical Center is a charitable foundation developed to identify and care for men and women living in our community who suffer from a range of spinal conditions. In concert with the Saban Clinic, LAFS provides non-operative and operative orthopedic, spine, podiatric, general surgery, interventional pain management and rehabilitation services at no charge to uninsured patients.


The clinicians at LAFS work directly with the Saban Clinic to facilitate prompt and efficient medical care for patients that meet specific criteria. These include lumbar herniation, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, cervical myelopathy and a host of other related disorders.


All patients are managed by a skilled clinician to optimize medical and social benefits during and after their treatment.

LAFS salutes the doctors, the care team, and the medical and business partners that have offered their resources in the spirit of giving back to the community we serve. It is our goal to build a healthier Los Angeles, one person at a time.



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