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Quality and Safety

Miracle Mile Medical Center is proud to be fully accredited by the Joint Commission, a national organization that evaluates the quality and safety of care for more than 17,000 health care organizations. To maintain and earn accreditation, organizations must have an extensive on-site review by a team of Joint Commission health care professionals. The purpose of the review is to evaluate the organization’s performance in areas that affect your care. Accreditation may then be awarded based on how well the organization met Joint Commission standards.

Miracle Mile Medical Center is your partner in health care. Your safety is very important to us. While you are in the hospital, your healthcare team will help to keep you safe from harm. Research shows that we can improve safety when you, the patient, take part as well. As a part of the healthcare team, you and your family play a part in reaching the goal of safe care.


Provide Accurate Information

Be honest and provide to the best of your knowledge accurate and complete information about your present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications (including over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements like vitamins and herbals – keep a list of all the medications you take) and other matters relating to your health. Report changes in your condition.

Tell staff what medications you take (including herbal and dietary supplements) as well as what allergies or reactions you have had in the past. When taking medications, ask what each one is and what it is for.

Medication errors are the most common healthcare mistakes. Unless asked to do so, you should not bring your medications from home to the hospital. Instead, carry a list of all of your current medications with you. Know what medications you take and why you take them. If you are getting a new medicine, ask us about it. We will be happy to share with you what you need to know to take it safely.


Information about Tests and Procedures

MMMC staff will give you information about your tests, treatments, procedures, illness, and medications and how to care for yourself at home. However, your physician is the only caregiver who can fully explain why he/she has ordered tests/procedure and what the test results are.


Name Badges

MMMC employees are expected to introduce themselves and to wear name tags to set them apart from visitors. Our name tags also identify the department in which employees work. Feel free to ask any employee who approaches you what their role in your care will be.


Personal Devices

The electrical safety of certain personal electric items brought in from home must be checked before use (i.e., electric razor, radio, lap top). MMMC staff will notify the Bio-Medical Department to inspect the items if necessary.


What are Medical Errors?

Medical errors happen when something that was planned as part of medical care doesn’t work out or when the wrong plan was used in the first place. Errors can happen with even the most routine tasks. Research shows that the majority of medical errors can be prevented. You will be notified of any significant errors related to your care which interfere with your safety.


Medical Equipment Alarms

Most of our medical equipment has a safety device which automatically shuts the unit down and sounds an alarm if there is a problem. Please do not adjust any alarms or functions on medical equipment. Please call staff if an alarm goes off in their absence.


Prevent Infection

Hand washing is the most important way to prevent the spread of infections. MMMC uses two hand washing methods:

• Soap and water
• An alcohol-based waterless gel

MMMC staff and physicians are trained to wash their hands before and after coming in contact with patients.

Wash your hands before handling food, after using the bathroom, or sneezing or coughing, changing a diaper, touching pets, or taking care of someone sick.

Please ask questions. It makes patient care safer for everyone. Share your concerns and ideas about your safety. Talk to any member of your healthcare team or call our Quality Representative at: (323) 390-1010 extension 3935.




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