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Cervical Spinal Surgery

Cervical spine surgery is a necessary procedure that can remove the pain, numbness, tingling and weakness, sometimes making writing impossible, that can come with cervical spine damage. But before going on, it is best to know what the surgery is really for.

Cervical Vertebrae
The spinal column has an area commonly called the nape. This is where the head is directly attached to a group of vertebrae and where the head can pivot. These small bones are the cervical vertebrae which encase the root of the spinal column so that if there is an untoward event that affects these bones, it will not only affect the neck and head area but it will affect the rest of the body. This source once affected severely can call for a cervical spine surgery.

Different vertebrae for different parts of the body
After the cervical vertebrae come the thoracic vertebrae which controls the trunk area down to the limbs, then follows the lumbar vertebrae which controls anything from the waist down and last are the sacral and the pelvic vertebrae which control the lower limbs. If a herniation or arthritis damages the cervical vertebrae and the condition continues to get worse, then the patient can get immobilized and a cervical spine surgery would have to be done.


Symptoms of cervical spine problems
There are the usual symptoms which can point to a spinal problem and some of the usual treatments include analgesics and anti-inflammatories just like those with bulging disc treatments. But if these pain relievers fail then a cervical spine surgery can be done which means invasive treatments involving scalpels and anaesthesia. In the past the surgeries involved massive tissue damage which made the treatment worse than the actual condition, but with modern techniques like laser invasion there is minimal blood loss, less tissue damage and less recovery time.

What can cause the damage?
Some of the things which can damage the spine may be arthritis and trauma to the spine. The damage can sometimes press on the bundle of nerves that is the central pathways to the brain and out. There are of course, obvious risks to the procedure just like any other surgery; however, the least of the risks would be a loss of voice. Infections and blood loss could also occur. But these are all the same with any other type of surgery be they minor or major.


There are always risks
There is actually less risks with cervical spine surgery than when if it is not performed. There is the high chance of paralysis and death in some cases. The obvious risks are outweighed by the benefits and the surgery can lead to a cure and not just a relief of the symptoms.







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