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From the heart


From The Heart: Thank you to the doctors and staff at Miracle Mile Medical Center!agnostic tests were performed to help the physicians determine the extent of my impairments and to organize a treatment plan. The doctors were everything I hoped for and more. The language was straightforward and clear.

I met with Gil Tepper, M.D., who explained the findings from the diagnostic tests. I received answers to all of my questions and was scheduled for surgery. Every effort was made to ensure my safety during the surgical procedure. My primary care doctor was with me when I woke up from surgery. After four days of recovery at Miracle Mile Medical Center I was transferred to a rehabilitation center where I received physical and occupational therapy. The staff at Miracle Mile followed up my care and oversaw my medication needs to guarantee a smooth transition to the rehabilitation center. After my rehabilitation I returned to MMMC for a thorough assessment of my progress and was discharged home. My old pain is gone and I have no numbness in my left leg or foot. The feelings I have regarding the success of the outcome of surgery are only surpassed by my gratitude to the doctors and staff of Miracle Mile Medical Center. Please post my letter for everyone who has lost hope of ever having a life without pain. Thank you Dr. Tepper, Dr. Rabbani, Dr. Braga and Dr. Sabbaghi. Bravo to you all! J.L.S.  

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